• About us

  • Woodstock Gymnastics Club was founded by Jane Brooks in 1994 after volunteering as a parent helper when her 3 year old daughter, Hanniah, took an interest in Gymnastics. The club began at Woodstock Primary School for one hour per week on a Wednesday afternoon with around 16 children. The extent of the equipment was a few blue floor mats and an old vault that Jane is certain was there when she attended the school 35 years previous! As Jane's children moved up through the primary school, the club and it's apparatus also grew, catering for over 60 children by 1999. 

    In 2000, as Hanniah moved up to The Marlborough School, so did the club. The numbers continued to soar over the years, allowing the club to invest in more equipment and more coaches! Jane and her team were now not only teaching children from the Woodstock schools, but from many more Oxfordshire schools. Upon, Hanniah's return from university, the club took it's biggest leap to date, expanding to 8 sessions over three evenings a week as well as the start of a small competitive squad. With this increase along came more coaches, many of which are now home grown ex gymnasts, an upgrade of apparatus and the popular 'Gym Camp' holiday courses. More recently, we have been pleased to announce our expansions by offering an additional evening of training at Gosford Hill School in Kidlington.

    Today, the club continues to be favoured amongst Oxfordshire children from 4-18 years. This has meant operating a waiting list system for some classes but our aim isn't to stop here. The next step for the club will be to secure it's own purpose built premises and operate a full recreational, competitive and adult gymnastics programme as well as other gymnastics disciplines. 

    In the meantime... we will continue to work hard to ensure that children are developing into resilient and confident gymnasts who enjoy being part of the Woodstock Gymnastics Club family.