• Classes

  • At Woodstock Gymnastics Club we aim to group the children by age and ability. This helps the children feel confident about the class they are in and develop healthy competition between their peers. Our recreational classes are designed to give children the opportunity to develop skills across all apparatus, achieve their British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards, and take part in annual displays and performances all within a safe, friendly and fun environment. 

  • Beginners (age 4-7 years)

    Our beginners classes are designed for children from 4 years. The class starts with a whole group warm up, followed by some basic floor skills before splitting into smaller groups on the apparatus. The children in this class have use of all the apparatus and work towards the first few levels of the British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards. 

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  • Intermediate (age 7+)

    Our intermediate classes focus on developing basic skills into more complex moves and routines. As the children's strength and co-ordination improves they are able to master more technical and complex gymnastics skills on all the apparatus. The class also includes some conditioning to help the children learn exercises specifically designed to strengthen particular muscles and how to do these safely. There is also opportunities for the children to continue to work towards the British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards.

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  • Advanced (age 8+)

    Once the children have a sound skill base across all the apparatus they can move into one of our advanced classes. The advanced classes are 1.5 hours allowing them more time on the apparatus and for conditioning sessions. In these classes the children develop tumbling sequences and more complex acrobatic skills. The children work to complete the British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards and move onto the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

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  • Squad

    Although we are predominantly a recreational club, when gymnasts show both the ability and aptitude to develop their gymnastics, they will be offered the opportunity to join our artistic gymnastics squad. The squad follows a training programme that prepares the gymnasts to compete at Women's and Men's Artistic competitions through UK Gymnastics and IAIGC-UK. Our squad gymnasts must commit to a minimum number of training hours per week and to compete at a minimum number of competitions throughout the year. 

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